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Preparation - Smoking Chips

Smoking Chips by Montana Grills

It's Simple - Just Soak It and Smoke It!

Soak the smoking chips in water, or for added flavor, try soaking your smoking chips in your choice of liquid - beer, red or white wine, apple or lemon juice, or any other liquid you prefer.

The best way to soak the smoking chips is in a zip lock bag. Place the chips inside the bag, add the liquid of your choice, squeeze the air out and close the bag. Soak the chips for 15 - 30 minutes or longer as desired, keeping them totally immersed.

Once the chips are thoroughly soaked, place them on the grill. If you have a charcoal barbeque, you have the option of simply placing the smoking chips directly on your charcoal, otherwise use the Smokerin™ smoker box.

Have fun and experiment using different liquids and recipes, and share your experiences with us at!