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Preparation - Lumber Cut Grilling Planks

Lumber Cut Grilling Planks by Montana Grills

It's Simple - Just Soak It and Smoke It!

Lumber cut grilling planks will absorb liquid much slower than the cross cut grilling planks, and are better suited to slower grilling foods such as Turkey Tenderloin that will take 2 - 2½ hours of cooking time. Just soak them in water, or the liquid of your choice - beer, red or white wine, apple or lemon juice, or any other liquid you prefer.

Soak the lumber cut grilling planks in a bucket of water, or if you are using the smaller grilling planks, use a zip lock bag. Place the lumber cut planks into the bag or bucket, add the liquid of your choice, squeeze the air out, close the bag (as necessary) and allow the grilling planks to soak for at least 6 - 8 hours. Soaking overnight is recommended for the best result.

Have fun and experiment using different liquids and recipes, and share your experiences with us at!