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Barbeque Grill Covers - The Innerflow® System

Barbeque Grill Covers

There are a bunch of different places to shop for new grill covers, and that's why at Montana Grilling Gear, we offer a small selection of what we truly believe are the best and most innovative products on the market. Our custom grill covers are designed with specially engineered ventilation systems, and come in a variety of sizes so that they can fit on most grills on the market.

How the Innerflow® System Protects your Grill

The Innerflow® system is molded from a highly durable PVC material that is attached to our custom made and universal barbeque grill covers. This specially engineered section allows air to move freely throughout the covered barbeque, yet prevents rain and snow from entering, keeping your grill dry and free of damaging condensation.

Protect your Grill from the Elements

In the fall, winter and early spring, a sunny day can significantly raise the temperature inside a covered grill unit as the cover absorbs the sun's radiant heat. This temperature generates a condensation build-up that can cause premature rusting and even mildew and mold. This is a common problem for barbecuers who either leave their grills exposed to the elements or utilize inadequate covers. Unlike conventional barbeque covers that trap this warm condensing air, the Innerflow® system effectively maintains a balance between the relative humidity inside and outside of the grill cover. This reduces and even prevents the formation of rust that can shorten the life of your barbecue.

The Innerflow® Difference

Many grill cover manufacturers claim that their cover offers full weather protection when, in fact, using their cover will ultimately do more damage than good to your barbeque. Covers that are not properly ventilated will trap moisture on your grill due to inadequate ventilation and make them vulnerable to damaging condensation and premature rust. The Innerflow® grill cover is the only cover that has been tested for condensation control. The only barbeque cover to protect your grill inside and out is a cover with the Innerflow® system.

Our covers will keep your grill in commission for longer than any other product on the market, not only because of their exceptional design, but also because they are built with the highest quality materials. Montana Grills barbeque covers are flame retardant, resistant to UV radiation, don't crack in the cold, and are mildew and fungus free.

Finding the perfect cover for your grill from Montana Grilling Gear

Montana grill covers fit a variety of different brands and models of barbeque. We have put together a comparison chart for several different brands of barbeque in order to help you find Montana Grills cover that best fits your barbeque. If you would like more information about our barbeque grill covers or any of our other products, or to inquire which grill cover best fits your barbeque, please check out our grill accessories listing or contact us.

Barbeque Grill Covers - The Innerflow System

The Innerflow® system prevents condensation by allowing the air to freely circulate through the cover.